The Perfect Guide to teaching Art eBook for everyone

The Perfect Guide to teaching Art eBook for everyone

Perfect Guide to Teaching Art : Individuals who have completed one of my online courses and learned the 12 Advanced Oil Painting Techniques are eligible. Additionally, those who have taken art lessons from other instructors can also benefit as they can gauge the effectiveness of their previous education. By joining my art course, they can enhance their skills and unleash their full artistic potential through the advanced oil painting techniques taught.

What sets this eBook apart is that it provides instructors with the tools to instruct the creation of refined works of art. This eliminates the need for students to seek out multiple teachers to piece together their education.

About the Teaching Art EBook:

Allows those who have completed one of the author’s art courses to make money teaching art

Teaches instructors how to instruct advanced techniques for creating sophisticated works of art

Enhances student results by providing a professional technique toolkit

Shows how to structure an art course for the highest quality outcomes

Strange Fact about this Art Ebook:

Advanced techniques are easier to paint with compared to amateur techniques


Combination of advanced techniques creates incredible effects

Possessing the right technique for any creative situation makes it easier

Marketing this Art eBook:

Can be sold on its own or as part of a sales package/funnel along with the author’s online art courses.